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player development programs (PDP)

About the PDP

US Club Soccer’s Player Development Programs (PDPs) are regionally based identification and developmental programs conducted within the id2 Program umbrella. PDPs are focused around the National Premier Leagues (NPL) and other top leagues in specific geographic areas.

PDP invitations are based upon objective scouting of elite clubs and leagues, combined with recommendations from top Directors of Coaching. Each PDP includes at least one training session and one internal competition. Some PDPs also include off-field educational components, as well.

id2 Program staff are on-site at PDP events to scout players for potential inclusion in id2 Training Camps, and U.S. Soccer staff may also be on-site to scout players for potential U.S. National Team inclusion as well as conduct off-the-field lectures, seminars, coaching and other related discussions.


id2 program

About id2

Established in 2004, US Club Soccer’s id2 National Identification and Development Program provides an opportunity for the country’s elite youth soccer players to be identified and developed, and scouted for inclusion in U.S. Soccer’s National Team programs. id2 Program directors Gerry McKeown (boys) and Tricia Taliaferro (girls) implement curriculum and direct activities.

The id2 Program is an Olympic Development Program (ODP) approved by the United States Olympic Committee and the U.S. Soccer Federation. The id2 Program is presented by Verizon.


Elite National premier league (enpl)

About the enpl

US Club Soccer and the Boys Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) are collaborating to create a new national competition and development platform for 13-U through 18/19-U boys. The Elite National Premier League (ENPL) provides local and national regular-season competition, national showcase events and postseason playoff competition for top teams across the country.

The ENPL includes both member Boys ECNL Conferences and member National Premier Leagues (NPLs), providing multiple entry paths into the competition. ENPL competition includes 13-U, 14-U, 15-U, 16-U, 17-U and 19-U boys age groups, and includes participating teams from two independent qualification paths: (i) qualifying teams from National Premier Leagues across the country; and (ii) qualifying teams from Boys ECNL club-based conferences across the country. These teams will come together to compete for the ENPL National Finals in a two-stage postseason event in June-July 2020. A full recap of the 2019 postseason can be found here, and coverage of all ENPL postseason events can be found on the ENPL website.


National premier leagues (npl)

About the npl

The NPL is a national competition platform created to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape by:

  • Extending developmental principles espoused by U.S. Soccer into more age groups and clubs
  • Linking competition with player development and identification platforms.
  • Providing meaningful weekly competition culminating in the NPL Finals.

NPLs are leagues unified under one national competition platform and based on a common technical framework.