League Standards

League Standards

Coaching Standards

  • All OPL club coaches must hold a soccer coaching license or diploma approved by the league.
  • Club DOC should hold a USC "National Diploma" or a federation "C" license, or the equivalent.
  • Aspirational requirement: all DOCs hold a National Premier or "B" license, or the equivalent.
  • Premier 1 league coaches most hold a state "D" license or higher, or the equivalent.

Club Standards

  • Club-wide coaching plan submitted to league office.
  • Acknowledgement of meeting US Club Soccer's Player First guidelines.
  • Agree to follow the rules that govern the OPL and US Club.
  • Agree to operate club as a legal small-business organization that complies with all applicable rules and laws.
  • Support the Oregon Cup and US Club's NPL league and national tournament opportunities.
  • Support league PDP and player id2 camps.
  • Support competitive league format based on promotion/relegation.

Premier League Standards

  • Clubs agree to support higher standards for teams playing in Premier Division 1.
  • Head coaches must hold state "D" license or higher, or equivalent.
  • A full referee crew must be assigned to Prem 1 matches.
  • Home teams must supply high quaility playing fields for league matches.
  • Clubs agree to support US Club Soccer's NPL national platforms for boys and for girls.
  • Clubs agree to put in practice a club vision that embraces US Club Soccer's Player First pillars.