Violations Report Form

Directions for Submittal of the Violations Report Form

1.  At the end of the game the referee and the other team must be notified that a report will be submitted to the league and the reason.
2. If possible, the referee must indicate that a violation was reported on the game day roster sheet.  
3. Completed report must be sumbitted online to the OPL via the form below. A copy of the game day roster sheet and Referee Report must accompany the report form along with any other pertinent documentation. 
4. The manager/coach must complete the Violation Report form and submit the necessary supporting paperwork within 48 hours of the posted start time of the match. The Violation form and documentation must be complete, approved and signed by the Director of Coaching of your Club for the Competition Committee to investigate.

5. League officials will review the documentation within ten (10) days of receiving the form and supporting documentation.
The form should be used to report violations of OPL rules, violations of the OPL ethics policy and allegations of individual or team misconduct. This form is not to be used to protest a game or complain about a referee. Please see our protest form on our web site. To submit complaints on a referee please complete a referee evaluation on the referee association’s website.