Registration FAQs

  Registration FAQs


1.   I am a new team manager what do I need to do? How do I get started?

There are links to several documents on the left side of the home page under Quick Links that all managers should familiarize themselves with. There is a Manager Handbook, League Rules, Match Procedures, Frequently asked questions and other documents. After reviewing these documents any questions can be directed to


2.   How do I register a team with the OPL?

Teams must register at There is a “Register” tab on the website which will list all the open registrations. If your team has already played in the OPL the team should register via their team page as or by the links on the left-hand side of the page which list all the returning teams.  The Club registrar or other club representative can register teams, new or existing via the Club Directory. If you are a new team to the OPL click on the “Apply for…” link for the appropriate tournament or league on the Registration tab of OPL Website.


3.   We are an independent team; can we play in an OPL League?

Teams need to be registered as a club under US Club Soccer guidelines. The minimum number of teams to form a club is 3, under US Club rules.


4.   What do I do if my club does not appear on the drop-down menu within the application?

If a club is new to the OPL, then chose “new club to be added” and then send an email to with the club name, address, email, phone number and a contact person so that the club can be added to our Club Directory. 


5.  What should I put for Affiliation in the application?

Affiliation refers to the state organization that your team plays with the majority of the time throughout the year. For Oregon Teams it will either be OYSA or US Club.


6.   How do I determine the Level of Play? 

The Coach of the team or the Director of Coaching should have a good idea what level the team is. For league competition, unless otherwise requested, teams will usually start in a Classic Division. This level is for the current level of play.


7.   Do I need to fill out all the team History?  

The league relies on this information to find the best placement for all the teams participating in the league or tournament.


8.   Do I need to pay at the time of registration?

It is preferred that all registrations are paid at the time of registration. A team may pay by check, only if the “pay by check option” appears on the check out page. Not all league and tournament registrations will have a pay by check option, so it is best to be prepared to pay with a credit card. 


9.   I registered our team but on the check out page, pay by check was not an option. I did not have a credit card at the time so I exited without submitting. Can I get back in and finish my application?

All registrations still show up in the system even if the application is not officially submitted. You should be able to access your application through your team page. If you are a new team you will need to start the application over again. If you did submit a new registration please send an email to letting us know that you may have registered twice. We will delete the unfinished registration.


10.   My club is paying the registration fee for our team, is there anything I need to do?

If the “pay by check” option appears then you can click that and work with your club’s registrar or treasurer to get the balance paid. If the “pay by check” option is not available then you will need to pay at the time of registration and get reimbursed by the club or make arrangements for the appropriate club contacts to have it paid at the time of registration.


11.   I registered the team but we have to pull out, will we get our money back?

Refunds will be dependent on when your team pulls outs. Please see our Financial Policies located under Quick Links on our home page.


12.   We registered as a new team but really are an existing team does that matter?

It does matter. If you are a returning team and register as a new team all the team history will be lost. The pages cannot be merged. If registration is still open then you can re-register as a returning team and notify the league that you are re-registering in the correct manner. We will work with you to make sure the correct application is accepted and the incorrect one is deleted.


13.   I tried to register as a returning team but I am a new manager and don’t have access, how can I access to our team page?

The first step would be to contact the former team manager to have that person provide the log-in information or have them add the new manager to the team page. If that is not possible please email and ask to be added as a manager. Please make sure to include the team name, the division, the gender and the league.  Once we have added the new manager, we will email the new pin number. If someone other than the new manager requests a new manager be added then an email will be sent letting the manager know the log in information is now available and can be retrieved by the new manager.


14.   Can our team play up to the next age group?

This depends on the league and it depends on the team. The team coach or DOC must make a written request to the League to play up. The request should make the case why this team is capable of playing in an older age group and offer league and tournament scores and other data to prove its case. The league competition committee will make the final approval.


15.   Our team would like to play at the highest level how do we go about doing that?

Team placement is based on competition. For teams that are already in the OPL there is promotion and relegation system in place so that teams can move up and down based on level of play. This information should include tournament and recent league results and names of opponents. The information should be emailed to .  Teams must also meet all the requirements outlined in the OSPL Rules. 



   Player Registration: obtaining US Club Player Cards


1.    How do I obtain US Club Player Cards?

First a team must have a team page in US Club. To register with US Club and obtain a team page please see the section on General questions regarding the OPL and US Club.


2.  We are a new club/team and would like to participate in the OPL Leagues? Where do we begin?

Once you have a team page in US Club you can work with the club registrar to upload birth certificates or passports for each player and preferably a digital photo of each player, though photos are not required at that time. Photos may be adhered directly to the card at a later date. Once the information has been entered into the system the player cards can be ordered. They must be ordered by someone in the club with registrar privileges. Payment must be made at the same time. For the costs of player cards please see the US Club website. More information for on-line registration can be found on the US Club Website.


3.  Do I need to provide a birth certificate?

A birth certificate, passport or driver’s license may be used to document the birthdate of the player


4.   Do coaches and managers have to have US Club Cards as well?

Yes, all coaches and managers must have a US Club player card as well. Each manager and coach must complete the Risk Management Application found on the US Club website. This must be submitted in order for a card to be issued.


5.  The coach has an RMA number already from Oregon Youth Soccer does he still need to complete the US Club Risk Management Application?

Yes, US Club and Oregon State have different processes and the information does not transfer from one organization to the other. 


6.   Where do I find the US Club medical releases?

The Medical Releases can be found on the US Club website under Registration and then Forms and Documents. 


7.  The players cards have been ordered but we don’t have them yet and our first game is less than a week away, what should we do?

US Club is usually very good at processing player cards within a few days. In the fall it will take longer since all the leagues across the country start at the same time. It is always best to give US Club seven to ten days to process all player cards, especially before the fall season. If you are unable to give US Club a week or so to process player cards it may be a good idea to have your registrar check on the player cards two to three days prior to the date of your first game.* If the player cards have been ordered but have not arrived the league may grant permission for players to play the first game of the season without the card, this is an exception.  


*Note that US Club offices are on the east coast which means their offices close at 3:00 PM pacific time. The offices are open Monday – Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

 Please make sure to leave enough time for the registrar or the league offices to contact US Club offices. Asking for help at 5:00pm on Friday evening does not leave the registrar or league representative any time to contact US Club.


8.   We have a new player and he/she already has a US Club player card from another club, does our team need to order a new one?

Yes, when a player moves from one club to another a new card must be ordered with the current club listed on the card.


9.   A new player card cannot be issued because the player has not been released from the club. How do I get a player released from another club?

The Club registrar must contact the other club and ask for the player to be released.


10.   The Club will not release a player we would like to add, what should we do?

Players/parents usually sign a contract with a club upon joining. The players/parents are required to abide by that contract even if they leave the club in the middle of a season. Most of the time Clubs will not release players that have not met their financial obligations. The player/parent should contact the Club to see why the card is not being released. The Club and the parent/player need to work this out. If the club is withholding the card even though the parent/player have proof that all obligations have been met then the registrar should contact the administrator for the region at US Club.


VI.    Team Placement and Scheduling


1.       Can our team play up to the next age group?

This depends on the league. Teams competing in the  OPL  Div 1 (Oregon Premier League) must play at the appropriate age. In other leagues teams can play up but must receive approval from the league.


2.    Our team would like to play at the highest level how do we go about doing that?

Team placement is based on competition. For teams that are already in the OPL there is promotion and relegation system in place so that teams can move up and down based on level of play. If a team is new to the OPL and would like entry into the ONPL and OPL then the DOC or coach must provide a sufficient argument as to why the team belongs in the top division. This information should include tournament and recent league results and names of opponents. The information should be emailed to Teams must also meet all the requirement s outlined in the ONPL/OPL Rules.


3.   My team has been placed in the wrong division how do we get that changed?

Team placements should be discussed with Director of Coaching (DOC) for the Club, if there is not a DOC then the team coach. The DOC or team manager should contact the league to discuss the placement of the team. If the team is new to the league any placement requests should be emailed prior to the close of registration to The placement requests should come from the DOC or coach.


4.  How do I edit my schedule?

A coach or manager that can log onto to their OPL team page can then scroll down to the bottom of the team page and the schedule will load. Once the schedule is visible there will be a button to click that says “Edit”. The time, date, location and score can be edited. 


5. My field is not on the list how do I add a new field to the list?

Some fields are known by more than one name. Try other known names. Stadiums and fields at schools are named first by the school name and second by the field name.

 If after checking alternative names, the field still cannot be found, please email the field name, address including the city, state and zip code to Please include whether the field has lights, or if it is grass or turf. We will add the field to the list. 


6.  The game information, (time and location) has not been posted, who do I contact to get the information?

Teams must post the game time and location at least 72 hours prior to the date of the game. If the information is not posted, please contact the coach or manager of the home team. If the home team does not have the game information within that time frame, they should communicate with the away team as to what is happening and when that information will be available.


7.  It is within the 72 hours window and the game information is still not posted. Does the home team forfeit the game?

There are times when home teams may not know the game information within the required time frame. If that is the case the home team should be in communication with the away team and keeping the team updated on the situation. As soon as the information is available it should be given to the away team. In most cases the home team will not forfeit unless they the coach or manager is deliberately withholdinginformation from the away team. the league does have the right to have the home team reschedule the game due to late notice.


Remember the priority is to play the game!


8.  Can I reschedule a match?

Teams do have the ability to reschedule matches, but that flexibility should not be abused. The OPL allows teams to reschedule matches primarily because of field issues and weather-related complications. Teams should not abuse this flexibility to reschedule games because coaches or players are unable to make the game at the last minute, even if it means the team will be short players. Games should not be rescheduled around National events such as the Super Bowl, NCAA Basketball tournament etc., nor should teams reschedule games to make a custom schedule so they finish the league in a shorter period of time.   If a team signs up to play in an OPL league, then the team is making a commitment to the league and to the other teams to make it a priority.


We do understand that there will be circumstances that may require games to be reschedule but please be honor the commitment the team has made and be respectful of other teams when trying to reschedule games.


9.   Do I need league approval to reschedule a match?

If rescheduling a match involves a double header weekend, then the league does need to approve the change. In most circumstances the league will not need to approve game reschedules. If the teams are having problems agreeing, then the league may step in and allow or deny the reschedule.



10.   How do I reschedule a game that does not involve a double header?

The team manager or coach must contact the other team to see if a reschedule is possible. Both teams must agree to reschedule the match and work together to find a mutually agreeable date and time for the match. If one team does not agree to reschedule the game within the 72-hour window prior to the game, then the game date and time will stand unless there are extenuating circumstances such as field closures or weather disruptions.


11.   The schedules have not come out yet and I know there is a weekend we cannot play can I request a schedule change?

The OPL will work with teams as best as possible to accommodate certain schedule request PRIOR to the schedules being started. All schedule requests must be submitted by the close of registration. Once the schedules are posted schedule changes can be made by the teams except in the Development League.   Schedule changes must be agreed upon by both teams. The Schedule request form can be found in the Manager's Corner under League Resources, on the drop-down menu of the League tab. 


12.   Our field scheduler would like to have access to our club’s schedule, is there a way to get all our clubs schedule together?

Field schedulers should talk with the Club president or representative that has administrative rights to the club site. That person can give admin rights to the field scheduler. Once logged on to the Club Directory, click on Club Schedules.


13.   How do I change the team name as it appears on the schedule?

The team name is pulled directly from the application. Once a team is registered the manager will have to contact the league to get the name of the team changed on the application. Contact and include the team name, the age group, the division and the league in the email.


14.   When will schedules be posted?

Schedules are usually posted seven to ten days after the close of registration. The exception to this is fall league. Fall league schedule are posted in mid to late August.


 15.  Why is our game highlighted in pink on the schedule?

This indicates a field conflict exists for this particular game. Multiple games are scheduled at the same time or overlap if they don’t meet the leagues recommended time block per age group. 


VII.           Match Procedures, Rosters and Scores


1.       How do I print a US Club Official roster?

The US Club Official roster must be printed from your US Club team page. Once logged, go to player management, click on the view button next to your team, and click on the Print Roster button at the top of the page. The system should generate a pdf copy of the US Club Official Roster.


2.       Where do I find the game day roster?

A game day roster, not to be confused with the US Club Official Roster, can be found on the in the Forms Section of the Manager's Handbook which is located on the drop-down menu of the League Tab on the website.  


 3. Prior to the first league game all teams are required to submit a copy of the current US Club Official Roster to the league offices at


4.       Do I need to have both a US Club Official Roster and a Game day Roster?

For League games and most tournaments, you will need both. The US Club Official roster shows all the players on the rosters which can be up to 26. The Game day roster shows which players will be playing during a specific game, up to 18 for the older age groups and up to 14 for U-11 to U-9 and 8 for U-7 and U-8. Managers must have a copy of both rosters at every game.  Prior to the start of the game teams must exchange the US Club Official Rosters along with a copy of the Game day roster and provide three copies of the Game Day roster to the Referee.  Please check the specific rules for the tournaments for the requirements as they may change depending on the tournament. 


5.       How do I report a score?

Scores can be reported one of two ways, a manager or coach can log onto the OPL team page and click report a score, and second, a team representative can call in the score, for directions on how to do that please see Match Procedures  in the form section of the Manager's Handbook.  The information is also located on the right side of the schedule page for each league. 


6.       A score was entered incorrectly how do I get that changed?

Once a score has been entered by the manager it must be changed by a league administrator. To have score changes please fill out the Score Correction Report form which can be found in the Forms and Policies section of the Manager's Handbook. The Handbook is located on the drop-down menu of the League tab on the OPL website. 


7.       Our team reported the score, but the website has not been updated. Who should we contact?

The winning team should report the score. In the event of a tie both teams should report the score. If the score does not show within 24 hours after reporting the score, try and report the score again. If you are unable to do that please fill out the Score Correction Report Form in the Forms sections of the Manager's Handbook. 


XII.   Club Directory


1.  What is the club directory? 

The Club Directory is a listing of all the clubs that participate in the OPL leagues. Club administrators can use the Club Directory to register teams for leagues and tournaments, schedule games for all teams in one place, list club information to the general public.

It is important that the club administrators are listed in the directory and kept up to date as that list is the way the league communicates with the Coaching Directors, Club presidents, registrars and other club officials.   We not give this information to anyone.


2.    Where can I find it?

The Club Directory can be found on the About Us Page on our website on the left hand side under quick links.


3.   How do we get our club listed on the Club Directory?

Send an email to with the name of the club, the address, the website address, phone number and the names and contact information for at least one club official that should have administrative rights to the club site.


4. How do I change, add information to the Club directory?

Contact the official in the club that has admin rights to the club site. That person can make changes to the site. 


5.  Our field scheduler would like to have access to our club’s schedule, is there a way to get all our clubs schedule together?

Field schedulers should talk with the Club president or representative that has administrative rights to the club site. That person can give admin rights to the field scheduler. Once logged on to the Club Directory, click on Club Schedule.