What We Believe:

The Oregon Premier League stands firmly in solidarity with the Black community, and all people of color, against acts of racism, hatred, prejudice and discrimination. Our community must be clear in our stand that racism in any form cannot be tolerated.

Sport is often a catalyst for social change, and we will continue to support and promote equality and justice to help make real change in our communities.

We can and we must do better to raise our collective voice against all social injustice.

- Oregon Premier League


- US Soccer Fedederation


Thierry Henry's view on Racism
Current manager for the Montreal Impact

"I have been collecting my thoughts for the past few days in order to eloquently describe my feelings on the tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd.

It would have been far too easy to write with emotion, hatred and vitriolic sentiment in the immediate aftermath. Although those feelings are still present, I will give it a try.

Why is this still happening in 2020? Why do the same racists applaud any ethnic minority who plays for the team they support but abuse the same minorities on the street? Why are all the methods we are using to eradicate from our society not working?

It’s gone on for too long and we have come too far for this to be tolerated in modern society.

I do not advocate violence, looting or destruction of property, as this will not solve any problems and many racially afflicted individuals are victims themselves of this behavior . . . However, we do urgently NEED change, we DEMAND change and most importantly, we DESERVE change. Make it happen, NOW. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH."

- Thierry Henry

Here is what you can do in your sport:

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